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When it comes to questions regarding your private or family-owned business, we’ve got the answers. At Buchbinder, we know you put your heart and soul into your company and you need someone you can trust. With decades of experience working across a variety of industries our team offers advice tailored to your specific needs.

Our clients come to us because of our commitment to integrity and doing things the right way the first time. We know your time is valuable and every minute counts. We value the strong connections we have with our clients and take great care in providing you with what you need, when you need it. We work with clients needing private and family-owned business accounting services in New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, Washington, D.C., and throughout the United States.

What We Do

Whether you are seeking assistance in your day-to-day operations or more strategic guidance, we provide a comprehensive suite of accounting, audit and assurance, succession planning and tax services for privately held and family-owned businesses, including:


Buchbinder has offices in New York, New Jersey and Maryland and serves as accountants for privately held and family-owned businesses nationally.

Media & Entertainment

Media & Entertainment

As creative professionals in a media saturated world, you are expected to be cutting edge. We help you focus on those big ideas and innovations while helping you reach your financial goals. We offer a range of business services to help firms like yours stand apart from the crowd.

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